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Works of Life Ministries recognizes the needs of others, both great and small. It is the recognition of any individuals ability to ease the burden of his fellow man and the determination to do so that fuels Works of Life. Charity Donations 

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Donate Furniture NJ

Unfortunately we do not accept all furniture. Our resources are currently tied up in a variety of other causes and we instead concentrate on furniture that has a resale value that will benefit our organization and those we help. We have contracts setup with a variety of furniture stores who donate truckloads of floor model furniture to us so we can help to furnish homes we provide through Real Estate with Causes.

Works of Life furniture donation program is setup to provide an easy alternative to  those selling valuable furniture for a portion of what was originally paid for it. Many of our clients purchased their furniture for more than $8,000 less than 4 years ago and are shocked to get offers of less than $2000 when they try to sell it. Why waste time trying to sell your unwanted furniture when you can donate to our charity and receive a tax deduction for much more than you are trying to sell it for?
Give us a call to discuss your possible furniture donation.

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Donate Furniture California Tax Deductible