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Charity donations to Works of Life support numerous causes!

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Donate gift cards and restaurant gift certificates to charity. Gift certificates and gift card donations such as dell gift cards and walmart gift cards are very common. Other discount gift cards like target gift cards and many dinner gift certificates go a long way in our charity program. Why try to sell gift cards or join some gift card exchange program or gift card swap when you can make a difference in the life of another?

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Donate gift cards from any company, any amount, and help Works of Life continue supporting the many causes and families regrettably falling through the cracks in today's society. 100% of your gift card donation goes towards helping others. Gift card fact; Did you know that 35% of Americans purchased gift cards in 2008 for a total of over $50 billion? Unfortunately this was down around 6% from 2007 due to the economy but $50 billion is still a significant number to us. What many people don't realize is that around 8% of that $50 billion is never even going to be used. Meaning these companies get to enjoy $4+ billion for free, every year! Works of Life makes it easy for anyone to donate gift cards, gift certificates or store credit from any company and help us make a difference. Every dollar counts! Please call us toll free at 888-228-7320 or complete this simple form to begin your gift card donation.

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I bought a new desk recently and was amazed at how many gift cards my top drawer somehow accumulated over the last couple years. Turns out most of the gift cards only had a few dollars left on them though and I was going to just throw them away. I really hate to just throw away money though and decided to check out my options online. At first I was thinking about going with one of the many gift card exchange programs out there, but their fees and my low gift card balances made it not worthwhile. While searching, I also stumbled upon some fundraising company called Gift Card Donor and thought donating my gift card through them was a pretty good idea. That is until I learned they take a quarter of my balance and aren't even a charity! Didn't seem worth it, so I started digging some more. After much research, I found Works of Life's gift card donation program. I called you guys up and we spoke for a while and was happy to finally find a charity that really does help others. They take all of the cards, combine the balance into 1 card and use for a variety of purposes, all of which can be explained if you call them. I will just say that cards like target and Lowes go a long way in their program. All the best ~ Roger S. - Reno NV


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